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Key Initiatives

Some of the initiatives I have supported and/or introduced include but are not limited to the following:

  • Led and supported the effort to broadcast our board meetings
  • Led and supported the effort to approve funds to implement free TB testing for parents wishing to volunteer at our schools. We partner with the Santa Cruz Health Services Agency by way of creating a specific account that pays for volunteers who need a TB test or X-rays and are not able to cover the cost themselves. Human Resources holds six separate fingerprinting sessions at various sites for parent volunteers in the months of August and September

  • Since my time on the board, I have supported salary increases for teachers- a total of an 18.5% increase to their salary to date. This does not include one time monies
  • Since my time on the board, I have supported salary increases for classified employees- a total of 10% increase to their salary. This is an addition to the 18-22% increase to some salaries resulting from the implementation of the compensation study and the $3200 one time monies received in 2018
  • Supported the approval and implementation of the compensation study for CSEA. The implementation of this study moved the District forward in ensuring that PVUSD was in compliant with the new State minimum wage requirement  
  • I said No to caps to benefits and directed Admin to explore other solutions
  • Voted Yes on MOUs supporting stipends for credential math teachers 
  • Supported caseload maximums for Special Education 
  • Supported stipends for hard to fill Special Education positions 
  • Supported increasing preparation time for Special Education Pre-School teachers
  •  Advocated for the safety of our students and staff in collaboration with PVFT and teachers by adopting a resolution calling to increase the health-protective zones around schools where hazardous pesticides are applied and banning the use of roundup at our schools
  • Allocated close to $400,0000 to provide teachers with a stipend for materials to reduce out of pocket contributions
  • Advocated for an additional protected prep period dedicated for the review of IEPs
  • Advocated for additional portables to meet the enrollment needs at Duncan Holbert as it is a safety concern for both staff and students
  • Established the Innovator of the Year Awards to recognize the both certificated and classified employees for their significant contribution by virtue of innovative and creative strategies
  • Directed staff to explore the possibility of workforce housing; a study was made; possible locations were looked at
  • Voted to reinstate safety/benefits committee
  • Supported class size reduction, K-3
  • Supported stipends for bilingual teachers
  • Supported release period for teachers
  • Supported the reductions to the salaries of cabinet members in exchange for benefits by the same percentage their salaries were increased by in 2008
  • Supported the resolution in support of prop 58 Support of Proposition 58, LEARN, California Multilingual Education Act: Proposition 58 gives school districts greater local control in devising programs for their students to improve their mastery of English as well as of one or more languages in addition to English
  • Approve Increase to Occupational Therapists' and Mental Health Clinicians' Employee Salary Schedule
  • Voted No on Navigator Charter School petition for Watsonville Prep
  • Voted for and brought forth in collaboration with PVFT a resolution in support of public schools and denouncing for-profit charters
  • Brought forth the Schools and Communities First Resolution, voted yes, and endorsed the initiative 
  • Voted Yes on eliminating Drug Sniffing Dogs from our schools 
  • Brought forth and voted yes on climate change resolution- worked with Regeneracion 
  • Voted yes on EL Master Plan and its implementation
  • Supported the inclusion of PVFT and CSEA in the initial implementation of our LCAP process
  • Supported school closures during COVID-19 emergency board meeting to allow teachers and staff to stay home and not bring kids to worksites
  • Supported the increase of social emotional counselors
  • Supported the implementation of the Ethnic Studies Task Force/Committee
  • Supported resolution in support of Ethnic Studies 
  • Included CSEA and PVFT members on hiring process of superintendent though a survey
  • Reduced contracting out by supporting the implementation of use of the white fleet for specialized transportation needs for students
  • Supported the Classified Employee Summer Assistance Program MOU
  • Supported School Bus Drivers class and DMV/CHP testing in an effort to fill vacancies
  • Supported the New Teacher Project
  • Supported the implementation of reverse-osmosis filtration systems and hydration stations to provide clean drinking water to teachers and students
  • Called for and supported the our anti-bullying campaign and implementation of anti-bullying curriculum to ensure students have meaningful and safe learning environments
  • Supported the implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
  • As part of my participation on the PVUSD Education Equity Audit Steering Committee, I worked directly with our counselors, administrators, teachers in the development of our 3 year readiness road-map to improve systems, practice and policies in PVUSD which will support reaching our goal of all students being college and career ready
  • Worked with PVPSA and Empower Watsonville to draft and a pass resolution in support of banning the sale of flavored tobacco products in the City of Watsonville
  • To promote health and wellness, I supported efforts to increased the number of salad bars, fresh fruits and vegetables for our students 
  • To ensure the safety of our students on school buses, I supported the implementation of Zonar
  • Advocated for and brought back music and art back to our schools. Supported the expansion of the Latino Youth Film Institute and El Sistema VAPA programs
  • Supported the implementation of SIPPS which has improved literacy rates at our schools
  • Increased personalized learning mathematics instruction by supporting the expansion of ALEKS to more schools
  • Supported computer science instruction at elementary and secondary levels
  • Supported the developed of dual enrollment courses with Cabrillo College for our HS students 
  • Work with our Superintendent and community partners to get permits approved and begin construction of the PVHS athletic field 
  • Voted to remove SROs from our campuses and redirect those funds to support additional socio-emotional counselors; and work with our community partners, staff, families and students to find alternatives to keeping our schools safe

Paid for By Maria Orozco for School Board 2020, FPPC# 1427264
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