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Job Creation/Economic Development

It’s a struggle to make ends meet right now. The rising costs of food, fuel, and housing mean that Watsonville residents need access to job opportunities that pay livable wages now more than ever. As your council member, I will support policies that promote job creation and competitive salaries for local residents. Together we can support our community’s success with the development of programs that offer access to career pathways, internships, apprenticeships, and other educational/skill development programs by collaborating with local businesses and creating partnerships with community stakeholders.


We are in a housing crisis, and our community’s residents and families deserve access to quality housing that is affordable. I will vigorously advocate for the development of additional housing that supports all income levels without changing our small town charm.  I will work with our community partners to develop a robust workforce housing program. I will advocate for the expansion of existing funding programs for first time homebuyers. This is a challenging moment for our community, but we have a history of overcoming obstacles when we face them together.

Parks, Recreation, and Libraries

Access to quality recreational activities, safe parks, and educational programs have a direct effect on the health and well-being of a community. Too many of our residents are denied these quality of life services due to low wages, lack of transportation, and a shortage of parks in our neighborhoods. As a PVUSD Trustee, I am proud of the pilot programs to expand access to recreational spaces, and as your council member, I will continue this effort. I will also support the enhancement of recreation programs, and park and facility improvements to maximize and diversify the programs and activities offered to children, older adults, families, and persons with special needs. I will continue to work closely with the Friends of Watsonville Parks & Community Services nonprofit to expand our scholarship program to make our programs more accessible to our low income children and families. Lastly, I will support lifelong learning in our community by supporting our libraries.

Public Health & Safety

As a mother, I want my children to grow up in a healthy and safe environment that promotes their well-being. As your council member I will work with the community to promote the same for all residents of Watsonville. I will support upgrades and improvements to our transportation network like safe bike lanes and crosswalks. I will prioritize programs proven to reduce crime including youth prevention programs like the Police Activities League and Caminos Hacia el Exito; and support and strengthen our network of service providers so that families and residents can access wraparound services to address needs like food insecurity and mental health. Finally, we must keep our Watsonville Community Hospital open to ensure residents have access to emergency healthcare.


Paid for By Maria Orozco for Watsonville City Council 2022, FPPC# 1451010

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